Broker Requirements

We're looking for people who want to make a positive difference for their customers. Below is a list of requirements to become approved with Parkside Lending as a Broker.

  • 620+ credit score for all owners with 5% or more ownership interest in the company
  • No current or pending litigation that would adversely affect the ability to fund loans or run the business
  • Fully executed broker agreement/contrac
  • Minimum 2 years industry experience
  • Three lender references in good standing
  • No derogatory information listed on MARI
  • No derogatory items listed on state license
  • Meets minimum net worth as required by state licensing with
  • 100% of minimum held in cash or equivalents
  • Must be licensed in any state where loans will be originated
  • Must carry a NMLS endorsement for the company, branch and each individual loan originator
  • Physical location verified by Account Executive visit
  • Business license must be in the state where main office is located
  • May not be on any exclusionary list for any Parkside investor
  • Errors & Omissions Policy - Please provide a copy of the policy or declaration page. The requirement is the greater of $0 or the amount your state licensing requires. We reserve the right to require more if deemed necessary.
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