We understand this is a challenging time for many. We recognize the uncertainties and stress caused by the Coronavirus pandemic can result in concerns for your family and home. We want to assure you Parkside Lending is here to assist.

Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES ACT)
Parkside Lending is aware of the new CARES Act signed into law on Friday, March 27th, 2020, and adjusting our operations to comply and to serve you.

We understand that borrowers who have suffered direct or indirect financial hardship due to COVID19 may request a forbearance for a federally backed mortgage loan. This may provide immediate relief with a temporary suspension of payments, with an obligation to pay the total sum of the suspended payments plus the current amount due at the end of the forbearance period.

We also suspended any foreclosure proceeding for at least 60 days on all federally-backed mortgage loans, effective March 18, 2020.

Contact Parkside Lending for Assistance
Please call (844) 848-8475 if you are a borrower who wishes to discuss options for a COVID19 forbearance program with Parkside Lending, LLC, Parkside Lending, LLC’s beneficiary, or Parkside Lending, LLC’s authorized agent(s).

The Parkside Lending team continues to monitor the situation and adjust as needed. Please be assured that Parkside Lending is here to help. We hope that you are safe and taking care of your families during this crisis.