Parkside Lending is different – in a good way. They have been awesome – wonderful to work with and receptive to new ideas. They take care of my needs, listen and understand, and are very friendly and helpful.

Dustin Mack
Generation Mortgage

Parkside goes above and beyond for me. If I could use them 100% of the time, I would.

Alison Omoto
Silicon Valley Capital Funding

I've had a very good experience with Parkside Lending. They do common sense underwriting and have good turn times.

Carol Hsiung
Greenland Capital

I’ve been with Parkside Lending for about a year and it’s been really good. They are very helpful. I’ve had some challenging loans and they went the extra mile to help and we got them closed – one on the same day.

Rick Bean
GM Mortgage

No complaints. My experience with Parkside Lending has been wonderful.

Thuan Nguyen
Himark Loans

My experience with Parkside Lending has been excellent

Terry Ahlgren
American Eagle Mortgage and RE